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Wifi Video Doorbell near me

Wi-Fi Video Doorbell near me: The Hikvision does much more than a normal doorbell as it also provides a connection to your visitor remotely via smartphone for when your not at home. Get a Fob Copied

The doorbell will make sure you don’t miss a visitor which can also have a great impact on small businesses.

The doorbell uses wi-fi to connect to the Hik-Connect app, meaning that when the doorbell rings, the user can see who is there, speak to them and even set up an alarm through the app on their smartphone.

With an 180 viewing angle and noise suppression and echo cancellation, the wifi video doorbell gives users an optimum environment to make an access decision.

It has a number of useful features, including motion detection and voice prompt support to cover every eventuality that could be needed on the doorstep.

It can push an alarm to the user’s app, for example when a motion detection is triggered. A recording function can also kick in, saving the data to its SD card storage, to help keep your home or business safe. Contact us  Are you Looking for a Key Cutting service


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HIKVISION Wifi Video Doorbell €199

Get one for that little extra piece of mind